Week 6

For inquiry, we moved in our last unit - Sharing the Planet. Our central idea is about how sharing the environment with other living things has challenges and opportunities. This week, we took a look at what exactly constitutes a living thing. When looking at the differences between ourselves and a toy doll, we brainstormed differences such as, we have blood and bones and brains, we need to eat and drink, we can talk. We ultimately narrowed our list down to five criteria for living things- they can move, grow and change, breathe, need food and water, and can reproduce. In the process, there was a lot of great discussion. We learned that there are some living things without blood, bones, and brains like jellyfish! Also, they wondered if boys are alive even though they can't have babies which led to a great conversation about where babies come from. 
We completed a backyard observation of living and nonliving things that we saw. So nice to have class outside! To supplement our inqu…
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