Week 18

For inquiry, we moved onto the second part of our line of inquiry: using our bodies to express ourselves. First, body language was introduced through a game of charades - a guessing game where the other kids had to guess your card based on your body actions. The kids learned that if you are doing an action and the class cannot guess the answer, then you have to switch up what you are doing as opposed to repeating the same action. Afterward, we discussed why some cards (like, fishing or brushing teeth) were easy to guess while other cards (like, getting a shot or hammering a nail) were hard to guess. The kids brought up great points like, "I have seen someone hammer a nail before. They did the movement very nicely." Some were harder to guess because "it looks like something else" or "I have never seen that done before."

Next, we played an emotion "hot seat" game. We had three volunteers sit in the hots seats and after I gave aloud a situation, th…
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